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PuppetCamp London 2014

Yesterday, I had day out of the office with Danny at the 2014 London PuppetCamp. It was the first time I had attended a PuppetLabs event, though I have streamed plenty of video from past camps and conferences.

It was interesting to see how best practices had moved on (answer, lots) since I first had my Puppet epiphany over a year ago. For me, and in no order, the most interesting talks were ….

Augeas, swiss knife resources for your puppet tree by Julien Pivotto


Can you upgrade to Puppet 4.x? by Martin Alfke


Keeping AWS in check with Puppet by Oholiab


So in all a great day, other than the early start …

It has also inspired me a enough to revisit a module I cobbled together earlier in the year which manages the installation of Cloudwatch logs and get it up to a decent standard so I can push it to the forge and be just like Danny.


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