I am going to be playing with OpenStack over the next few weeks so I decided to create a Vagrant script which would bootstrap a working OpenStack Kilo installation using RedHat RDO.

It uses my CentOS 7 Vagrant box and works with both VirtualBox and VMWare Fusion.

To get it up and running create a folder for the Vagrantfile to live;

mkdir -p ~/Machines/OpenStack/

Download a copy of the Vagrantfile;

curl -O https://gist.githubusercontent.com/russmckendrick/49700dbf18ac2d7fbbfa/raw/46c367fa9d257bab46affe15a19904c9d5171be9/Vagrantfile > ~/Machines/OpenStack/Vagrantfile

and start the machine up;

 cd ~/Machines/OpenStack/
 vagrant up # for VirtualBox
 vagrant up — provider vmware_fusion # for VMWare Fusion

It will take around 20 minutes to bootstrap the machine so make a cup of tea and watch this introduction to Kilo;


Feel free to reuse the Vagrantfile if you like;