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Day to Day Tools

Its been quite a while since I wrote up what I am using on day to day, in fact, I seem to have skipped all of 2016.

Desktop Apps

Not too much change on the Desktop …

  • Visual Studio Code; I started off the year Atom, but this gives me the same functionality and seems quicker

  • Pastebot; Working in tech means I copy and paste a lot, this lets me sync and (not all from StackOverflow)

  • Bear; For note taking

… still using SublimeText (Still the best text editor around), 1Password, Photoshop, Omnigraffle, Tweetbot & MS Office.

Command line

There have been a few additions …

  • Docker; Enough said really

  • HTTPie; Great for testing web-based “stuff”

  • Ansible; Seems to have got me out of a lot of scrapes and save me a lot of time this year

  • Hostess; Because I am lazy and want to use a tool to manage my host’s file

  • mas-cli; To script Mac App Store installations after rebuilds

… as well as still using Home Brew, Cask, StormSSH, known_hosts & Z


Finally, using the following services …

  • Digital Ocean, for spinning up test instances

  • AWS; Using Route53 as well as spinning up test instances

  • asciinema; Great for demoing stuff

  • Grammarly; With all of the writing I am doing I found this useful

… along with Github, Pinboard, Feedly and Pocket .


Russ McKendrick

Buys way too many vinyl records, writes a lot about Docker & loves orchestration. Works at @node4ltd / @n4stack has written for @PacktPublishing