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Current Tools

As macOS Catalina is only a few weeks away I thought I would take a quick snapshot of what applications and tools are currently installed on my home MacBook Pro.

As per other posts I have using Homebrew to mange both the command-line tools;

$ brew list
awscli     fontconfig  hugo    node       tree
azure-cli  hostess     m-cli   packer     zsh
cask       hub         mas     terraform

Also, I am using Homebrew Cask for non-app store desktop applications;

$ brew cask list
adobe-creative-cloud                 iterm2            shadow          visual-studio-code
backblaze                            github            sonos           whatsapp
dash                                 google-chrome     spotify
drawio                               grammarly         sublime-text
font-source-code-pro-for-powerline   nordvpn           transmit

Finally, to manage App Store applications I am using mas-cli;

$ mas list
1179623856 Pastebot (2.3)
1451177988 Carbonize (1.2.6)
406056744 Evernote (7.12)
803453959 Slack (4.0.3)
419330170 Moom (3.2.15)
1384080005 Tweetbot (3.3.1)
904280696 Things (3.9.2)
937984704 Amphetamine (4.2)
1333542190 1Password 7 (7.3.2)

This should give me a good list to work from in a few weeks time when I start my clean install of macOS Catalina - which given the changes to the way the underlying operating system works sounds like it is going to be a fun few weeks of tweaks.

Expect a follow post towards the end of the month 😃.


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