Monitoring & Managment with Docker & Containers ebook

I am pleased to able to say that I have contributed a chapter to the final book in the current The New Stack ebook series on Docker & Containers. The ebook, which is free, is called “Monitoring & Management With Docker & Containers” Container and service-oriented architectures present a complex challenge for monitoring and performance management. Service-driven systems have dramatically increased the number of components monitoring tools interface with. Read how developers and vendors are tackling performance and monitoring in operational and production environments, and what obstacles are unique to managing containerized systems....

December 12, 2016 · 1 min · Russ Mckendrick

Pre-Order Docker Data Management with Flocker

I am pleased to say that my third book is now available to pre-order from Packt, Amazon UK & Amazon US. The book is released in the new year. However, if you purchase from Packt, you will get early access to the ebook.

November 7, 2016 · 1 min · Russ Mckendrick

50% Off Today Only

The two books I wrote about Docker are available for 50% off today from the Packt web site, click here to goto the deal.

October 2, 2016 · 1 min · Russ Mckendrick

Extending Docker now available to Pre-Order

As mentioned in a post back in February I have been working on my second book for Packt Publishing which is now available for pre-order. You can pre-order your copy from the Packt website or Amazon.

May 7, 2016 · 1 min · Russ Mckendrick

Monitoring Docker Released

As mentioned in a post a few months ago I have been working on a book about the various ways you can approach monitoring your Docker containers, I am proud to announce that it was published today by Packt Publishing. You can order your copy from the Packt website or Amazon. A free sample of the book can be found here.

December 15, 2015 · 1 min · Russ Mckendrick

Monitoring Docker book

One of the reasons I haven’t been posting much on here for the last fews months is that I have been busy spending my weekends and evenings writing a book called “Monitoring Docker” which is being published by Packt Publishing at the end of the year. It’s now available for pre-order from the Packt website and also Amazon !!! Exciting times :D

October 11, 2015 · 1 min · Russ Mckendrick